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Nashville's Best Summer Sweets


Tags: Summer, Coffee, Cocktails

Guest Post from Matt Cheuvront, CEO and Founder at one of Nashville's premier marketing and advertising agencies, Proof Branding. I immediately fell in love with the imagery they used for this post, and 100% stand behind their choices for ways to cool down this summer in Nashville. Enjoy!

Summer is officially here and to celebrate the season, along with some of our favorite summer sweets from around Nashville, we recently designed the first seasonal “Finely Crafted” print that kicks off a series highlighting the best local establishments in town.

Pairing simple illustrations with bright, bold summer-inspired colors, we’re passing a few thousand of these around town for you to enjoy. Head to one of these fine establishments and grab yours. May it serve you well on finding the best treats to keep you cool in the heat and humidity.

Go get yourself a watermelon popsicle from Las Paletas.
It’ll make you feel like you’re at the perfect picnic. Or maybe you already are?

Grab a whiskey and coke Icee from The Band Box?
It’s like the Icees from your childhood, but with, you know…booze.

Try the baklava ice cream from Pied Piper Creamery.
Honey cinnamon custard? Check. Toasted walnuts? Indeed. Insanity? Absolutely!

You can get a Bushwhacker around Nashville,
but there’s only one place that will serve you a Mint Chocolate Chip Bushwhacker…Broadway Brewhouse, mis amigos!

The Impeached Iced Latte from Bongo Java 
is the perfect pick me up summer refresher: Rishi peach nectar tea, cardamom, rose water, milk, espresso. Mic drop.

Not only is Acme the hottest joint downtown,
they may have the best summer sipper with their Mule Kicker (see what we did there?). Ol’ Smoky White Lightnin’ and soda, blended with lemonade, and frozen. It goes great with rooftop views.

Stay cool out there, friends!